Reassurance Service

Incursions onto land and property have become an unfortunate fact of life.  Reassurance security services is designed to ward off incursions by people with their caravans, camper vans and trucks from your car parks, forecourts and open spaces.



  • Reducing the risk of incursions will put your mind at rest so that you are better prepared against business interruption and reputational damage.                                           
  • Good quality, high-profile signage around your land will deter and discourage the growing population of habitual trespassers.            
  •  2021 was a very busy year for Trespasser Removal, yet no one trespassed onto land or property covered by Reassurance.                                 
  • We are so confident that Reassurance works that we offer a scaled discount against any removal costs.


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 Building Security

If your property is up for sale or empty for more than a few days, it is particularly vunerable to unwelcome visitors.  Our Building Security is designed to keep it safe and sound.


  • Prominent signage is installed at key points around your building.
  • Initial patrols are set up to establish security presence.
  • Covers your building at its most vulnerable time, avoiding disruption and giving you peace of mind.
  • Further protect you property with motion dectector cameras linked to your mobile phone or to our monitoring station.





Whether for open land or premises, our patrol service provides security to your property, warding off uninvited visitors.

  • Patrols are carried out by CI's highly experienced team of Enforcement Officers, who are all ex-Police or certified Baliffs.
  • Regular patrols carry a clear messge to Trespassers to keep off your property
  • Our Patrol Service also covers domestic property while owners are away, by making regular checks of the building and grounds.

  Static Guarding


Our SIA (Security Industry Authority) badged officers will guard your property, whether an entrance or an entire compound.

  • Protects your property by providing a highly visible presence.
  • Keeps trespassers and/or vandals off your property.
  • If required, our guards may be accompanied by our dog unit.
  • 24/7 protection available.

  Event Security


CI's highly skilled personnel will man your gates at entrance times, following up with low-key patrols during the event.  Our officers are used to maintaining well-behaved manageable groups, in the spirit of the event, while ensuring good security.

  • Ensures entrance by valid ticket holders only.
  • Acts as a deterrent to bad behaviour.
  • Manages any excitable behaviour in a proportionate and sensitive manner.

  Keyholding Service


CI provides a 24/7 service responding to alarm calls and acts in place of the owner during their absence.

  • CI acts under your authority while you are away, responding to call outs from your alarm systems provider or, as requested, by the police.
  • Relax on your trip away knowing that your property is being well looked after, so that you can return to find everything as you left it.

  Tenant Status Checks


This service identifies the financial position and reliability of new tenants and their guarantors.  Tenants are fully, but sensitively, checked before they take up their lease.

  • These are not covert but carried out with the cooperation of the prospective tenant.
  • Checking now can substantially avoid problems at a later date with, for example, default payers and 'gone away' tenants.

    Digital Security


CI will protect your buildings by providing digital security both internally and externally.

  • Protect your internal work space by sweeping rooms for video and listening bugs.
  • Further protect your property externally using motion detection cameras linked to a mobile phone to record and warn against physical incursion.

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