Trespasser Removal

Using Common Law, as opposed to lengthy court procedures, our highly trained and experienced Enforcement Officers (ex-Police) remove trespasser incursions from your land within 72 hours, not 6 to 8 weeks via the courts.


  • CI's very effective procedures use a non-confrontational approach, but one that brooks no nonsense.  This has resulted in over 120 successful removals.                         
  • CI is known in the relevant Trespasser communities as firm but fair, which greatly assists this work.                
  • Faster Removal means less offensive waste to clear, with its consequent costs, while damage to property and reputation is kept to a minmum.                                               
  • Using ex-Police Officers, CI has the training, knowledge and experience to deal with these situations.  Our Officers can immediately spot trouble, knowing when to back off and when to insist; often critical to achieving a low key, but successful outcome.


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  Squatter Removal

Removing sqatters from buildings differs between residential or commercial as different laws apply; as does our approach.


  • In the case of residential property CI removes the squatters immediately with support from the local Police.
  • For commercial property the law is very strict and we use negoatiation in the first instance.  Where squatters are intransigent, we may need to resort to the courts.
  • Whether residential or commercial, our service handles everything on your behalf.


  Peaceful Repossession

Also called Peaceable Repossession, this service takes possession of rented commercial property, where the tenant has become delinquent.


  • Attendance is outside working hours, while the premises are unattended.
  • CI's Baliffs, Enforcement Officers and Locksmiths then take Peaceful Repossession, with the minimum of fuss.
  • With the locks changed, the appropriate notices are left to inform the tenant that their equipment and goods may be removed under our Officers supervision.


  Camper / Rough Sleeper


A service primarily for Local Government who wish to keep their Streets, Parks and Open Spaces clear of Campers and Rough Sleepers

  • Rough Sleepers in business doorways is a definite turn off to customers of local businesses.  Keeping doorways and covered areas clear of rough sleepers prevents customers from being put off.
  • Parks and Open Spaces are kept clear of Campers and Rough Sleepers, who can appear quite menacing to families seeking recreation in a safe environment.

  By-law Enforcement


This is also service mainly for Local Government and Public Utilities which have by-laws covering certain misdemeanours.

  • CI's Officers enforce those by-laws in a sensitive but firm manner, keeping parks, open spaces and public facilities clear of enfringement, to be enjoyed by the public.

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