Beneficiary Tracing

Sometimes known as Heir Hunting, a common problem with this work is the belief, held by some potential beneficaries, that they are being scammed, which can make this work very difficult.


  • Top rated results
  • CI will keep costs down by working sequentially on leads.  If, however, time is of the essence, we will work on all leads at the same time and substantially reduce the timescale.

Genealogy Service

This service becomes necessary in one of two situations:  If someone dies intestate and where beneficiaries are initially unknown or where a beneficiary has passed away before the deceased.


  • The number and names of descendants are established, with contact details obtained through our Genealogy systems.
  • Producing a family tree reduces the risk of other descendants emerging after distribution has taken place.

  B2B Debt Collection

This is a debt collection service where the debtor and claimant are businesses.  It can, however, be applied in situations where the debtor is a business and the creditor is an individual.



  • This service is of minimal risk to our clients as we work on a percentage of money recovered, with only a small admin charge.  
  • Interviews can be carried out with the debtor at an early stage to establish the likelihood of the debt being recovered.

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  Gone Away Debtors

Prior to any legal action, the Debtor's new residence must be established.

  • Once found, the debtors may be pursued in the traditional manner.    
  • CI has a superb record in finding people despite Gone Away Debtors being expert at going 'off the radar'.

  Status Enquiries

This service conducts an investigation into the assets and general financial position of a subject that you

are proposing to sue.


  • Provides an indication of whether damages are likely to be paid, thus reducing the cost of wasted legal action.

  Witness Interviews

Principally for Insurance Companies & Professional Bodies requiring collection of information, for example, accident reports, etc.


  • Can be carried out promptly
  • Our agents, carrying out the interviews, are excellent at their job and are able to extract information in a sensitive manner.

  Fraud Enquiries

Fraud enquiries are notoriously difficult and the Police need considerable persuasion to bring these cases to trial and often fail.  We provide a fraud service that:


  • Confirms whether a fraud has taken place.
  • Draws up the case file for the Police to take over and prosecute.
  • The work is carried out by our hugely experienced fraud team.

 Covert Enquiries

A service for Professional Associations to investigate members who are breaching the terms and conditions

of their membership.


  • These enquries are carried out covertly with members unaware if the investigation, so if no breach is discovered then no harm is done.
  • Any covert enquiry is fully documented, allowing evidence to be supplied at court, if necessary.

  Legal Process

Principally a service for lawyers who require the personal service of documents on a Subject.

  • The documents are served by our reliable and presentable agents, who know how to behave under what may be difficult circumstances
  • Our clients can feel comfortable that the process will be carried out in a highly professional manner, protecting our client's reputation.
  • An expedited service is available.

  Digital Security

Secures your mobile devices

  • Removing malware from mobile devices.  Malware includes key loggers, control software and general viruses.  The removal works particularly well with Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, but also with their Android equivalent as well as laptop computers running the Windows operating system. 
  • Protect your privacy by having your rooms swept for video and listening bugs.

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